Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to locate housing?

We do not charge for our services. Housing providers cover the costs of our website. All price quotes provided by our provider firms is all that you would pay.

Where is your housing located?

We have housing options in over 70,000 cities throughout the United States and Canada. We provide options in small, medium and major market areas.

What is included in a corporate apartment?

Our corporate apartments include rent to the property, furniture collection, comprehensive houseware package, all utilities including electric gas and water, telecommunications including cable television and high speed internet services.

What if I need help with more than one request?

Not a problem. We can help with multiple unit requests. Corporate housing is the perfect solution to house many occupants. Your housing provider can arrange for group move services and give you a housing proposal that would offer you a housing solution for all your personnel.

What is the maximum and minimum lease term for a corporate apartment?

There is no technical maximum and minimum lease term for corporate apartments. Typically, the minimum corporate housing lease term is one month and the maximum is 1 year.

What if I want to stay longer than the lease term?

Just let your housing provider know if you want to extend your lease. In most cases, an extension to a corporate apartment is not a problem.

Is there tax on corporate apartments?

There is no tax for corporate apartment rentals of a month or more

Do you accept pets?

Yes. Make sure you discuss pets up front with your housing provider. That way they will not waste time finding you a property that accepts pets.

What size apartments do you have available?

We have all bedrooms sizes available in corporate housing. The smallest size is a studio apartment with the largest size apartment typically being a 4 bedroom.

What if I want to stay for less than 1 month?

You may discuss those options with your housing provider when they call. Hotels as well as extended stay hotels are available options for stays less than 30 days.

How do I check in to a corporate apartment?

There are many different ways to check in to a corporate apartment. Typically, you would pick up keys at either the leasing office at the property or they may utilize the services of a lockbox. Key arrangements will be communicated between you and the housing provider

How is payment made?

Payment arrangements will be made between you or our company and the housing provider. typically, an invoice is created which details you monthly rate as agreed upon by the lease agreement.

Do I have to setup my own utilities?

No. That is the job of the corporate housing provider. They handle everything. You do not have to setup, install, deliver, wait on appointments or be inconvenienced at all during the building of your corporate apartment.

My company has a relocation company involved. Is that a problem?

No. Many of our housing providers will work directly with the relocation company and provide housing as outlined in the relocation policy of your company. Please notate on the web submission form that you are working with a relocation company.